Bay Bell
Gender N/A
Race N/A
Faction Neutral
Status Heavily Damaged
Location Grant City
Voiced by

The Bay Bell is an apartment building in Grant City and a major location in Dead to Rights.


After the murder of Frank Slate, his son Jack Slate chases crime boss Augie Blatz to the Bay Bell, believing that Blatz murdered his father. After a shootout in the lobby, Jack boards an elevator and follows Blatz to his apartment where he's shocked to find Blatz tied up. Jack is ambushed by Patch who injures Jack, murders Blatz and frames Jack for the murder, telling Jack that Blatz did not kill his father.

Seven months later, Jack returns to the Bay Bell and Blatz's apartment with Shadow following his escape from the Iron Point Penitentiary and his execution for Blatz's murder. Jack rightly assumes that Blatz's apartment is still open due to "the usual assortment of bureaucratic SNAFUs" and that the police would not think to search for him there. Jack uses the apartment as a hideout for an unknown period of time until things die down then, wearing some of Blatz's clothes, departs for Chinatown to get guns and information from Fat Chow.

After killing Fahook Ubduhl and giving Dick Hennessey's incriminating files to reporter Kip Waterman, Jack has Kip drive him back to the Bay Bell to tie up a final loose end: killing Hennessey. As Jack goes to board the elevator to Blatz's apartment, he's ambushed by GAC. In a massive atrium within the Bay Bell, Jack engages in a gunfight with GAC and a GAC attack chopper. Jack eventually manages to shoot down the attack chopper which crashes in the Bay Bell atrium, causing severe damage.

Jack then faces off with Hennessey who is armed with an electrified riot shield. After Hennessey learns from a news report on a TV in the Bay Bell atrium of Jack turning over evidence implicating him to Kip, they engage in a fight that ends with Hennessey's shield breaking and him fleeing to the boiler room. After dispatching a few final GAC cops, Jack engages in battle with Hennessey in the Bay Bell boiler room, finally killing Hennessey and avenging his father's murder.


  • The Bay Bell plays a role in several levels of Dead to Rights: in Chapter 2, its where Jack Slate goes to confront Augie Blatz and is framed, in Chapter 3 he returns to use Augie's apartment as a hideout and in Chapter 15 its the site of his final battle with Dick Hennessey and GAC.

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