Black Orchid
Gender N/A
Race N/A
Faction Bad
Status Active
Location Grant City
Voiced by

The Black Orchid is a Grant City massage parlor.


After cornering Fat Chow in his gambling den, Jack Slate questions him for information on Marvin Silt. Fat Chow points to the Black Orchid as a place where Silt hangs out a lot. After escaping Fat Chow's goons and the police, Jack catches a cab to the Black Orchid.

Upon arrival, Jack is forced to turn over his weapons by Horse before being shown to a room by Lotus. Suspicious, Jack emerges from the room to be confronted by several goons. After a fight, Jack retrieves his guns from Horse and confronts Silt in one of the rooms for information on who hired Silt to run him down after Jack escaped from the Iron Point Penitentiary. A scared Silt tells him that he was hired to drive getaway for Tattoo by Gofer, but is killed by Eve Adams before he can give Jack anymore information. After Eve identifies Patch for Jack, they hear gunfire and decide to get somewhere safer.

Emerging from the room, Jack and Eve engage in battle with the goons inside of the Black Orchid. After killing Lotus and her two assassins, the two emerge out the front door only to find Fat Chow and his Triad goons waiting in ambush as Fat Chow wants revenge on Jack.


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