Fahook's Bottle
Gender N/A
Race N/A
Faction Bad
Status Destroyed
Location Destroyed
Voiced by

Fahook's Bottle is a bottle of an unknown substance belonging to powerful crime lord Fahook Ubduhl.


After Jack Slate depletes most of his health during a gunfight on his plane, Fahook Ubduhl drinks from a bottle containing an unknown but powerful substance that restores nearly all of his health. Jack follows Fahook to the plane's cargo hatch where they engage in a second gunfight. During this gunfight, Fahook would take period drinks from the bottle which would enable him to breathe fire at Jack. Once Jack depleted most of his health, Fahook would go "a toast" and then drink once more from the bottle to restore his health. During this time, Jack would shoot the bottle, damaging it and causing Fahook to stop drinking and engage Jack in a gunfight once more. After several times of Jack shooting the bottle after Fahook starts drinking from it to restore his health, it is destroyed, leaving Fahook vulnerable to Jack's attack. Jack is able to take advantage of this by knocking Fahook out of the plane to fall to his death.

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