Fahaook's Plane
Gender N/A
Race N/A
Faction Bad
Status Wrecked
Location Grant City
Voiced by

Fahook's Plane is a cargo plane that belongs to crime boss Fahook Ubduhl.


After Hildy Razwell gets him Dick Hennessey's files, Fahook Ubduhl decides to flee the country until things die down for awhile. To this end, he has his plane prepared for takeoff on the runway of Warden Air Force Base which Jack Slate notices as he follows Hildy to the base.

While Jack kills Mayor William Pinnacle, Fahook flees to his plane and begins his getaway. However, Jack is able to steal a motorcycle and chases the plane down the runway. As the plane prepares to take off, a second motorcycle chases Jack and the plane's cargo hatch opens so three of Fahook's men can shoot at Jack. Jack causes the motorcycle behind him to explode, using the explosion to fling him at the plane as it takes off and kill the three men on the ramp, boarding the plane afterwards. Making his way through the plane, Jack kills Fahook's men as he searches for the crime boss. Fahook eventually decides to parachute out of the plane and shoots the pilot so that the plane and everything on it will crash. Jack chases Fahook to the rear of the plane where they fight near the open cargo door. Finally, Jack recovers Hennessey's files and kills Fahook by sending him falling from the plane to his death.

Afterwards, Jack learns that the auto-pilot has been locked by Fahook, preventing the mortally wounded pilot from being able to land the plane. Jack locates the two auto-pilot switches and, disarming the bombs protecting them, disables the auto-pilot. The human pilot manages to regain control of the plane and crash-lands it on the runway at Warden Air Force Base, killing everyone still alive onboard except Jack. As fire trucks arrive to put out the burning wreck, Jack escapes in a news van with reporter Kip Waterman. In exchange for Kip telling everyone that Jack died when the plane crashed, he gives Kip Hennessey's files and "the story of the century."

Some time later, Preacherman Jones listens to a report on the radio at the Iron Point Penitentiary where Kip states that Jack's body was found and identified burned beyond recognition in the plane wreck. This causes the authorities to close the statewide manhunt for Jack.


  • According to Kip Waterman's news report at the end of the game, 68 people died when the plane crashed. Presumably these were Fahook's men, most if not all of whom were killed by Jack beforehand.
  • The plane's cargo hold is loaded with gold taken from Pinnacle's gold mining operation. When Jack calls Kip, he tells Kip that the plane is loaded with "some pretty interesting cargo" and is "the story of the century."

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