Fahook's pilot
Gender Male
Race White
Faction Neutral
Status Deceased
Voiced by

Fahook's pilot was the pilot of Fahook's Plane.


When Fahook Ubduhl decides to flee Grant City until things die down, he leaves in his plane piloted by this man. When Jack Slate closes in on him, Fahook decides to parachute out and kill the pilot so that the plane will crash. As Jack chases Fahook, he hears Fahook shoot the man multiple times before heading for the cargo hold.

Following Fahook's death, Jack returns to the cockpit where he finds the pilot mortally wounded, but still alive. Jack questions if the pilot can still land the plane and is informed that Fahook has locked the auto-pilot, preventing the pilot from being able to control the plane at all. The pilot tells Jack where he can find the two switches to unlock the auto-pilot and he heads off to do so. After Jack unlocks the auto-pilot, the pilot contacts him on the intercom to tell Jack that he has regained control of the plane, but that he'd better hang onto something as the plane is going down heavy. The pilot manages to reach the runway at Warden Air Force Base where he loses control and crashes the plane, killing himself and anyone else left aboard aside from Jack.

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