Fat Chow
Gender Male
Race Asian
Faction Bad
Status Deceased
Voiced by

Fat Chow is the leader of the Triads and a boss in Dead to Rights.


Fat Chow works as a gun dealer in the Chinatown section of Grant City and is good for getting guns and information. However, he mostly sells it to the Triads and Yakuza, people who shouldn't have the guns.

After escaping from prison, Jack Slate tracks down Fat Chow to get guns and information in his ongoing quest to solve his father's murder. Jack finds Fat Chow in the middle of a deal with a police officer that ends with one of Fat Chow's men killing the police officer. Spotting Jack, Fat Chow yells to his men that there's a bounty on Jack "dead or alive, better if he's dead" and orders them to kill him before running off.

Fighting through Fat Chow's men, Jack eventually follows him to an illegal gambling den where Fat Chow cowers in the cashier's cage as Jack fights his men. Jack eventually kills all of Fat Chow's men and gets into the cage where Fat Chow begs for his life and asks why Jack is after him. Jack tells him he wants guns and information, taking all of the guns from a cabinet in a cage and asks about Marvin Silt. Fat Chow directs Jack to the Black Orchid where he hears Marvin hangs out a lot, but Jack stops on his way out after hearing police sirens. Fat Chow tells Jack that he called for backup, not the cops and Jack flees the gambling den. After killing Fat Chow's men outside, Jack escapes the gambling den and the police and makes his way to the Black Orchid to find Marvin Silt based on Fat Chow's information.

After killing Lotus and her assassins, Jack and Eve Adams emerge from the Black Orchid to find Fat Chow's men surrounding it, Fat Chow having followed Jack to kill him for revenge. Jack and Eve manage to kill Fat Chow's men and fight their way down the street to the Den of Inquity where Fat Chow waits for them outside armed with a rocket launcher. While Eve deals with Fat Chow's remaining men, Jack engages Fat Chow in battle. Finally, Jack guns down Fat Chow, killing him. As Fat Chow dies he yells "I'll see you all in Hell!"


  • Jack comments that Fat Chow is a "wannabe Triad" and "frankly, I don't even think he's Asian." However, this latter fact is unconfirmed.

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