Fat Chow's Illegal Gambling Den
Gender N/A
Race N/A
Faction Bad
Status Abandoned
Location Grant City
Voiced by

Fat Chow's Illegal Gambling Den is an illegal gambling den owned by crime boss Fat Chow.


In order to find guns and information to solve his father's murder, Jack Slate travels to Chinatown to get both from minor crime boss and arms dealer Fat Chow. Upon seeing Jack, Fat Chow flees, leaving his men behind to protect him. After killing his men, Jack eventually follows Fat Chow to his gambling den where he hides in the cashier's cage. After killing everyone inside, Jack enters the cashier's cage and takes the weapons from a locker inside. He then questions Fat Chow about Marvin Silt and is pointed to the Black Orchid where Silt hangs out a lot. As Jack prepares to leave, the police arrive. In an alleyway outside of the gambling den, Jack engages and kills some backup Fat Chow summoned before picking a lock on a nearby gate and escaping before the police can catch up to him.

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