GAC Police Station
Gender N/A
Race N/A
Faction Bad
Status Presumably abandoned
Location Grant City
Voiced by

The GAC Police Station is the headquarters of Dick Hennessey and GAC.


While investigating his father's murder, Jack Slate learns from Mayor William Pinnacle that GAC Captain Dick Hennessey is the true killer and has incriminating files on the criminals of Grant City that he uses to blackmail them but that could also be used to take down Hennessey. Pinnacle informs Jack that the files are kept as police evidence in the GAC Police Station and the two form an alliance to get the files and take down Hennessey.

As part of their plan, Pinnacle calls Hennessey and claims that Jack is chasing him around the Iron Point Penitentiary, causing Hennessey to take most of GAC after Jack and leaving the police station nearly deserted. However, one of the remaining cops discovers Jack shortly after he enters the station and attempts to use the station's radio to call Hennessey and warn him to come back. Jack kills the cop and many others who come out to fight him, keeping them from using the radios in their squad cars and ultimately deactivating the police station's radio. Afterwards, Jack makes his way into the lower levels of the police station, fighting through the GAC cops to reach the evidence room and Hennessey's files where he discovers that it was GAC who ambushed him at the cemetery and at the pier. After getting the files, Jack fights his way out of the police station and escapes.

Following the exposure of Hennessey's illegal actions, presumably any surviving GAC cops were arrested by the FBI and the police station abandoned.

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