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The GAC Predator Pistol is a semi-automatic handgun, with a flashlight attached to it. The pistol features 10 bullets in its clip, higher rate of fire, and offers more damage than the Redtail 9mm Pistol. Ammunition for this pistol can be refilled in a GAC Ammo Crate, where the player can refill or pickup a weapon with full ammo.

Found from:

  • GAC Units

Secondary Weapon Statistics:

  • Damage: 3/5 (Offers better action damage than the Redtail)
  • Range: 3/5 (Almost the same as the Redtail)
  • Fire Rate: 2/5 (Has less speed, but balanced than the Redtail)
  • Capacity: 4/5 (Offers better capacity)
  • Accuracy: 4/5 (The same as the Redtail have)