Gender Male
Race White
Faction Bad
Status Deceased
Voiced by

Gofer worked for Mayhem Inc. brokering jobs for their assassins.


Gofer works for Mayhem Inc., brokering jobs for their assassins. Two of the assassins he's known to broker jobs for are Patch and Marvin Silt.

Gofer is first mentioned when Jack Slate enters the showers of the Iron Point Penitentiary to steal Tattoo's escape map. As he enters, Tattoo discusses how he contacted Gofer through a family connection to drive getaway for his escape. Tattoo defends Gofer to two other prisoners but is interrupted by Jack before he can say more about it.

After Marvin Silt nearly runs him down outside the prison, Jack hunts down Marvin who tells him that Gofer hired him to drive getaway for the prison break and ordered him to kill anyone who emerged that wasn't Tattoo. Marvin is killed by Eve Adams before he can tell Jack who hired Gofer however.

After saving Gloria Exner's life, Jack gets a call on Patch's pager from Gofer for Patch to meet him at the docks. Jack recognizes Gofer as the one who hired Marvin Silt and goes to meet him, hoping that as Gofer brokered jobs for Patch, he might know who killed his father and hired Patch to set him up. Gofer is annoyed when Jack shows up instead of Patch and asks where Patch is. When Jack tells him that Patch is "busy getting embalmed", Gofer panics, realizing that Patch is dead and takes off through the docks. Jack chases Gofer across the docks, eventually catching up to him in the icehouse, but discovers that Longshoreman X murdered Gofer and pinned him to an ice block with multiple arrows from his crossbow.

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