Grant City Cemetery
Gender N/A
Race N/A
Faction Neutral
Status Active
Location Grant City
Voiced by

The Grant City Cemetery is the cemetery of Grant City.


After killing Fat Chow, Jack Slate decides to pay his respects to his father and visits his grave. While there with Shadow, they are interrupted by Hildy Razwell who has come to the cemetery for the same purpose. After Hildy tells Jack that Frank was working for Gloria Exner when he was murdered, the two come under attack by men in clown masks. Jack sends Hildy running away as he gets cut-off from the cemetery entrance and has to fight through the cemetery to escape. Despite heavy resistance from the clowns, Jack manages to make his way back to the entrance where he is ambushed by a van crashing through the main gate with a machine gun in the back. After Jack destroys the gun and the van, he escapes out the gates as Dick Hennessey tries and fails to stop him. Though Jack believes he was ambushed by Mayhem Inc., Eve Adams tells him that they are too busy preparing for the next day's debate so it likely wasn't them.

While raiding the GAC Police Station, Jack discovers clown masks similar to those he saw on his assailants in the cemetery and at the pier and realizes that the clowns were actually GAC cops in disguise.

After getting Hennessey's files, Jack sets up a meeting with Gloria Exner at his father's grave to hand them over. After the hand-off, Gloria suddenly pulls a gun on Jack and betrays him, having made a deal with Mayor William Pinnacle exchanging the files for her own safety. As they talk, Gloria is murdered from behind by Hildy who is now working for Fahook Ubduhl. Hildy takes the files and after warning Jack to stay out of it for his own sake, drives off. Jack steals the cemetery's hearse and uses it to follow Hildy to Warden Air Force Base, Fahook's hideout.

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