Longshoreman X
Gender Male
Race White
Faction Bad
Status Deceased
Voiced by

Longshoreman X is a boss from Dead to Rights.


While on the run from Jack Slate across the docks, Gofer runs into the Icehouse storage room where he runs into Longshoreman X. Longshoreman X kills Gofer with his crossbow, pinning him against an ice block impaled by multiple crossbow bolts.

Tracking Gofer, Jack reaches the room with his dead body and is angry as Gofer was his only lead on who hired Patch to set him up. Inside the storage room, Jack encounters Longshoreman X who he realizes is Gofer's killer. Jack then engages in battle with Longshoreman X who shoots his crossbow bolts at him as Jack tries to shoot him dead. Finally, after an intense battle, Jack is able to gun down Longshoreman X, but Longshoreman X manages to wound Jack with a crossbow bolt before he dies. Jack is able to seek treatment from Hildy, but it leads to him getting captured by Rafshoon Diggs on behalf of Fahook Ubduhl.


  • Jack Slate indicates that Longshoreman X may be a cannibal as he asks if he interrupted dinner after finding that Longshoreman X had killed Gofer and pinned him to an ice block.
  • The bolts from Longshoreman X's crossbow penetrate Jack's Armor during the battle with even full Armor having no effect towards protecting Jack from Longshoreman X.

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