Gender Female
Race White
Faction Bad
Status Deceased
Voiced by

Lotus is the hostess of the Black Orchid and a boss in Dead to Rights.


When Jack Slate arrives at the Black Orchid seeking Marvin Silt, he is greeted by Lotus in her role as hostess. Pretending to be kind and friendly, Lotus leads him to a room to wait after Horse disarms Jack. Deciding not to wait, Jack emerges from the room to find Lotus outside, directing two men to attack him before leaving herself.

After Eve Adams kills Marvin Silt, Lotus returns, armed with an M4 Carbine and accompanied by two female assassins armed with MP5-A5's. Jack is forced to contend with Lotus, her two assassins and other minions in the Black Orchid while trying to protect Eve as she is a potential lead to locating Patch. Finally, Jack manages to kill Lotus and her two assassins and he and Eve flee outside.


  • During the battle with Lotus, only she and her two assassins must be killed to win while everyone else just respawns. However, it is extremely difficult as the player also has to contend with protecting Eve from Lotus, her assassins and the other bad guys in the massage parlor.

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