Meeshaka and Shadraka
Gender Female
Race White
Faction Bad
Status Deceased
Location Grant City
Voiced by

Meeshaka and Shadraka are a pair of twins who work for Fahook Ubduhl in Dead to Rights.


Jack Slate is captured by Rafshoon Diggs and taken before Fahook Ubduhl for interrogation which Meeshaka and Shadraka attend. Once Fahook is gone, the two begin torturing Jack by dunking him into a vat of water three times for longer periods of time each time. Finally, Meeshaka and Shadraka are called away and Shadow rescues Jack who escapes before they can return.

In the hanger at Warden Air Force Base, Meeshaka and Shadraka appear through the main door after Jack plants explosives around the hanger. With Meeshaka armed with two .45 automatic pistols and Shadraka a grenade launcher, the two attack, blowing open a case of weapons on a nearby forklift with a misplaced grenade. With the help of the guns dropped by Shadraka's grenade, Jack engages the twins in a gunfight and kills them, fleeing the hanger afterwards moments before its destroyed in an explosion.

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