Subway Construction Site
Gender N/A
Race N/A
Faction Bad
Status Shut Down
Location Grant City
Voiced by

The Subway Construction Site is the site of a supposed subway construction project and a secret gold mine in Grant City.


As part of his plan to get all of the gold that was never mined, Mayor William Pinnacle draws up a bogus subway construction plan that is meant to revitalize Grant City. Instead, the construction site is really a secret gold mine where the diggers meant for the subway are directed into the heart of the motherlode. These mines are secretly worked by inmates from the Iron Point Penitentiary.

Hearing a rumor about budgetary issues with the subway construction and hoping to use it in the next election, mayoral candidate Gloria Exner hires private investigator Frank Slate to investigate these rumors. Frank eventually discovers the truth about the project and is murdered by corrupt police captain Dick Hennessey who is profiting from blackmailing Pinnacle for some of the profits and would lose that money if the project was shut down. Before he bleeds to death, Frank begins carving Pinnacle's logo into the cement, but dies before he can finish. Frank's son Jack Slate gets a "shots fired" call from the subway construction site and investigates, killing many of the workers and eventually finding his father's murdered body. When Jack calls it in, Hennessey responds despite it "being a little off his beat" and is unable to keep Jack from investigating properly as he would the other cops. Instead, Hennessey sends Jack after his father's only enemy, Augie Blatz and frames Jack for murder to stop his investigation.

Seven months later, after discovering the gold mining plot, Jack follows the mining tunnels from the smelting plant to the subway construction site. Upon emerging in the site, Jack finally understands what his father discovered and why he was killed, though he mistakenly believes Pinnacle to be the culprit. Jack is forced to fight his way out of the construction site, even having to destroy an attack helicopter before he can escape.

Following the events at the subway construction site, Jack confronts Pinnacle at the Iron Point Penitentiary where he confirms what Jack has learned but reveals that Hennessey killed his father, not Pinnacle.

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