Warden Air Force Base
Gender N/A
Race N/A
Faction Bad
Status Decommissioned
Location Grant City
Voiced by

Warden Air Force Base is a former Air Force Base and Fahook Ubduhl's hideout in Dead to Rights.


At some point in the past, Warden Air Force Base was used by the Air Force as one of their bases but was eventually shut down by Congress and abandoned.

After Hildy kills Gloria Exner and takes Dick Hennessey's incriminating files from Jack Slate, she travels to Warden Air Force Base which is being used by Fahook Ubduhl as his hideout. Unknown to Hildy, Jack steals a hearse and follows her to the base from the cemetery. Slipping through the front gate after Hildy goes through, Jack engages the guards and makes his way through another gate to a path along the cliff side. Jack fights his way along the cliffs, eventually reaching a pier where a freight elevator acts as a backdoor into Warden Air Force Base's main hanger. Dodging gunfire from a helicopter, Jack acquires the elevator key and ascends into the hanger.

Inside the hanger, Jack fights his way through many guards before eventually activating another elevator that takes him to the roof where a landed helicopter is as well as Fahook's office. Inside the office, Jack witnesses Hildy turn over the evidence stolen from Hennessey and then get betrayed and murdered by Mayor William Pinnacle. Enraged, Jack pulls Pinnacle through a shattered window and fights him as Fahook flees to his cargo plane to escape the country until things die down. After a brutal hand to hand fight, Jack snaps Pinnacle's neck and kills him. Jack retrieves explosives from Fahook's office and plants them around the main hanger before Meeshaka and Shadraka attack. Jack kills the twins and escapes outside where he steals a motorcycle from a mechanic and races away from the main hanger as its destroyed in a massive explosion. Jack is then able to use the motorcycle to catch up with and board Fahook's plane.

After killing Fahook and disarming his bombs, Jack has the mortally wounded pilot land the plane back at Warden Air Force Base. Before the landing, Jack calls reporter Kip Waterman to meet him on the runway telling him that "a plane full of very interesting cargo" is about to crash at Warden Air Force Base and it is the story of the century. The dying pilot manages to reach the runway, but ultimately loses control and crashes the plane. Jack is the only survivor of the crash and escapes in Kip's news van as firetrucks race to the wreck.

Some time later, Preacherman Jones listens to a report by Kip Waterman stating that the plane crash outside of Warden Air Force Base cost the lives of 68 passengers amongst whom was Jack Slate, ending the manhunt for him. Preacherman then receives evidence stolen from Hennessey that exonerates him and proves that Jack survived the plane crash.

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