Gender Male
Race White
Faction Neutral
Status Alive
Location Iron Point Penitentiary
Voiced by

Wireboy was a friendly prisoner of Iron Point Penitentiary in Dead to Rights.


On the day of Jack Slate's execution, Preacherman Jones tells him that Wireboy has a way to shut down the electric chair, Old Sparky and that Tattoo has an escape map. In order to plan his own escape from prison, Jack decides to visit Wireboy in the workshop to find out how to shut down Old Sparky.

Jack reaches Wireboy who already knows why Jack is visiting him. Wireboy tells Jack that in theory battery acid on Old Sparky's conduits would knock out the power grid for hours, but admits that its only a theory. Jack decides to take the chance and asks Wireboy for the battery acid. While Wireboy has it, he refuses to give it to Jack for anything less than 25 packs of cigarettes and directs Jack to the gym to begin looking for them. Wireboy warns Jack that while the battery acid will disable Old Sparky, he will have to deal with the straps on the electric chair himself which Jack tells him he has covered.

After Jack gets his 25 packs, he returns to an impressed Wireboy who gives Jack the battery acid. Jack asks where he can find Tattoo causing Wireboy to realize Jack plans to steal Tattoo's escape map. Wireboy suggests that Jack check the showers and Jack leaves the workshop.

At his execution, Jack enacts the plan Wireboy gave him by having Preacherman Jones splash battery acid on the contacts while supposedly performing the Last Rites and slip him a razor to cut himself free. Wireboy's theory proves to be right and Jack escapes the electric chair, killing Sickle in the process.

After Jack's escape and the riots that follow, all the prisoners are temporarily transferred out of the Iron Point Penitentiary, Wireboy presumably amongst them.

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